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We make it happen

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What Meetmany do ?

We develop your concept

We develop creative concepts that build excitement and anticipation in the lead up to the event, and then deliver a genuine and highly original experience in an environment created to inspire, endear and engage.

For meetings and conferences we develop concepts that truly engage the audience and effectively educate and inform.

What Meetmany do ?

We take care of you

Your success is our passion. Together with you, we define a concept; consolidate strategic planning with operational implementation, and deliver high impact with the lowest logistical expenses possible, without compromising on quality or results.

To impress your guests, we create the right atmosphere. One that is in line with your goals. One that will take you invitees on a new and exciting adventure or simply inform them and convey the right message.

What Meetmany do ?

We take care of your invitees

Engaging with participants and stakeholders, and ensuring they have a proper response to their needs is of the utmost importance. We offer consistent support, from registration technology, to event secretariat to on site participants’ management. You name it, we’ll do it, and your guests will enjoy it.

Our events will engage your guests not only to like the experience, but also to share it. Our events will make your guests your brand’s first advocates.

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About Meetmany

We are your event partner

We are a team of organisers, consultants, strategic planners, account managers and graphic designers who pool their visions to find creative and innovative solutions to our client’s questions…and even for the questions that haven’t been yet asked.

We reinvent ways of speaking to audiences that have changed. We can offer you efficient and creative solutions, be it in conferences and meetings, teambuildings, exclusive dinners, incentives, corporate events, general assembly, onboarding or inaugurations.

We are trend watchers, challenge lovers and creative professionals with great dedication and flexibility.

  • 30years of experience
  • 1500events

The team

Welcome to the beating heart of our event magic!

We are a team of dedicated individuals who share a common love for creating unforgettable moments. Allow us to introduce you to the passionate professionals who turn dreams into reality.

Meetmany Julie Weisenburger Director 1

Meet our director

Julie Weisenburger

With a legacy of two decades, she has been curating unforgettable experiences in the meeting industry. Her journey has been a globetrotting adventure, fueled by the love for crafting moments that linger in the hearts of those who attend. This passion for discovery, coupled with years of experience, has shaped the way she approaches every project – with curiosity, enthusiasm, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Fun facts: When she is not at her desk, she enjoys hiking and dancing

Top Tip: Details make perfection but perfection is not a detail.

Spoken Languages: French – English - Spanish

Meetmany Melissa Ballieux Conference Event Manager 2

Meet our Conference & Event manager

Melissa Ballieux

With a keen eye for detail, Melissa meticulously orchestrates events, ensuring seamless execution at every turn. Fluent in multiple languages, she effortlessly bridges cultural gaps, making international conferences a breeze. Melissa's dedication goes beyond logistics; she is attuned to client needs, offering a personalized touch that transforms events into unforgettable experiences. Entrust your conferences to Melissa for a harmonious blend of precision, and client-centric excellence.

Fun facts: Her pseudo-title is Office Gardener! She's keeping our office green.

Top Tip: Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.

Spoken Languages: French – English - Spanish

Meetmany Jessica Rebelo Conference Event Manager 3

Meet our Conference & Event manager

Jessica Rebelo

Jessica is a seasoned conference manager with 15 years of hands-on experience. Accustomed to the pressure of events, she thrives in challenging environments. Passionate about logistics, Jessica excels in finding stress-free solutions to create seamless events. Her proactive and creative approach ensures that every detail is meticulously planned, making her an invaluable asset for any occasion.

Fun facts: Biggest food lover from the team and personal event manager for friend’s party’s 

Top Tip: There is always a solution! Sometimes you just have to get creative to find it.

Spoken Languages: French – English - Dutch

Meetmany Marie Evrard Graphic Designer 4

Meet our Graphic Designer

Marie Evrard

Marie has been a professional web & graphic designer for several years. She focuses on creating beautiful and useful designs. She works hard to produce the highest quality, effective, innovative and timeless designs that our customers will love.

Creative, curious and dynamic, each project is a way for her to exercise her passion. If she is not behind a computer, she is cooking, spending time with her family and friends or doing DIY around her house.

Fun facts: If Marie wasn't a graphic designer, she would have been our private yoga teacher. Calm and serenity for all of us.

Top Tip: Creativity is nothing but a mind set free

Spoken Languages: French – English

Meetmany Jeremy Chojnowski Event Logistics 5

Meet our Event logistic manager

Jérémy Chojnowski

Jeremy has been in charge of operations for several years, and have extensive experience in event organization, international conferences, team management, public relations and communications.  Creativity, flexibility, dedication and calm are his keys for organizing successful event!

He coordinates, organizes and optimizes the logistics of Meetmany events. You'll often find him out in the field, orchestrating everyone's work to manage the technical side of things.

His passions are beach volleyball, trail, skiing and travelling. He likes spending his time with his little boy and walking in nature with his dogs

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